The Measures API provides a way to list energy conservation measures and the resources, health information,and building types associated with each.

NOTE: Measures are arranged into three levels and therefore the API replicates this nested structure.
  • Level 1: Better Energy-Efficiency Measures
  • Level 2: Measure Category (BuildingSync 'Technology Category')
  • Level 3: Measure Subcategory (BuildingSync 'Measure')


Level 1 Measures
/api/v1/measures/{level 1 measure token}/
Level 2 Measures
/api/v1/measures/{level 1 measure token}/measures/
/api/v1/measures/{level 1 measure token}/measures/{level 2 measure token}/
Level 3 Measures
/api/v1/measures/{level 1 measure token}/measures/{level 2 measure token}/measures/
/api/v1/measures/{level 1 measure token}/measures/{level 2 measure token}/measures/{level 3 measure token}/


Listing Measures

When listing measures with the API, you'll receive a JSON response with a nested list of measures, including the name and token for each.

The nested list contains only that measure's descendant measures, so for a complete list of measures, you'll need to query the API at the top level, i.e. /api/v1/measures/.

The measure list does not include resources or health information -- you must query the measure detail endpoint for that information.

Measure Detail

To view detail information about a particular measure, you can query the measure detail endpoint, e.g. /api/v1/measures/{level 1 measure token}/.

The detail endpoint provides "resources" for a measure, usually a URL pointing to more information about the measure.

The detail view does not show a complete nested list of descendants for the measure. To view all descendants, query the measure list API. (However, the detail does show a list of tokens for immediate descendant measures.)