BETTER is software toolkit that enables building operators to quickly, easily identify the most cost-saving energy efficiency measures in buildings and portfolios using readily available building and energy data. With minimal data entry, BETTER benchmarks a building’s or portfolio’s energy use against peers; quantifies energy, cost, and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction potential; and recommends energy efficiency measures (technological and operational) for individual buildings or portfolios, targeting specific energy savings levels. The toolkit consists of a web application, application programming interface (API), and analytical engine source code. The web application and API are currently free to use by early adopters subject to the terms below. The analytical engine source code is available on GitHub and can be adopted, redeveloped, and redistributed freely under an open-source license, allowing users to incorporate BETTER’s analytical capabilities into their own software platforms and tools.

(BETTER Handout)


Value to Users

BETTER provides users with visibility into the energy performance of buildings and portfolios (without expensive site visits and complex modeling) to help identify immediate, cost-saving energy efficiency improvements and to focus further audits and studies. The tool analyzes a building’s energy use in response weather conditions to generate potential savings and customized efficiency recommendations at the building and portfolio levels. The savings are presented in terms of energy, cost, and GHG emission reductions so that users can see the potential impact of efficiency improvements on the power grid, their finances, and the environment. BETTER’s fully-automated approach also allows users to compare a building’s performance against either a built-in reference dataset or their own building portfolio, enabling large portfolio operators to target buildings with the highest savings potential first.